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Monday, August 4, 2014

From New Year to the 4th of August

is actually quite a while, and so much has happened that you get in to the conundrum of that it is too much to tell in an orderly and quick fashion...... so I am not going to bother, but instead have a little rummage through the drawer of my mind that house the odd and funny stuff that life is made up of!

1) I had a month on etsy I could actually have lived of, happily I am not dependent on only my etsy income, and it has always just been a little cream on the already quite topped fairycake, but after having made a real effort it is paying off..... I like that of course, as I get all the proceeds, well, not all, etsy and PayPal wants theirs, but that is so tiny...... so yeah me....very happy about that.....

2) Buying the house in Denmark and moving there, feels like the best decision i have made in a long time.... i think my husband wonders a bit what it is going to be like, but he is happy as long as I am happy, he says... not that I was unhappy, but unsettled and feeling rootless, the way many, too many years of expat life, makes you rootless and unsettled, maybe I am having quite high expectations, well b-gger it, I will..... rather feel too much than too little!

3) getting a new friend for Becky is going to be great fun, I want a puppy, 6 months or I am sure they will play..... is there and RSCPA in Denmark??

4) why does it seem so difficult to take a good photo on etsy??? please, use a lamp for goodness sake, or..... get one of the many cheap, or free, photo enhancing software packages, and just use the exposure button, that would help a lot!!

5) How come peanut butter never seems to go out of date?

6) I had forgotten how fun it is to write something instead of proclaiming something, like one often does on Facebook... well, you can write on facebook too, but does anyone bother reading it?

On that note, I'm done, does not want to wear out my resolution to get back to blogging.....
oh folks, can't wait to get my studio up and running again, I am having severe working withdrawal symptoms!
my new studio space, up the stairs will be the gallery!

the studio is in the old warehouse, and the whole lot on the island of Moen, in Denmark


  1. Hey, great to see you back in BlogLand, Mariann!
    I hope you settle in at Home very soon. The studio space looks amazing and the old warehouse buildings are gorgeous. Will you live in a different place now, to your studio (it sounds that way)?
    What will you call your new studio - I guess, not Cascada?
    Be Very Happy in your new home! XX

  2. Welcome back! Lovely new place to get your teeth into, here's to a great new start!

  3. Hello! It's been a while.
    Super cool about your Etsy shop.
    I opened an account years ago and named it and then never did anything with it.
    I need to go back and check it out again!
    You are so brave, moving like that. Your studio space looks amazing! Wow!
    and a new puppy? It's so great that you are going to try going through a rescue.
    Welcome back stranger!