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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years day and thinking about Printmaking

New Years Day, and I'll be trying out some resolutions! For me, 2013 was a year full of other commitments than my studio, and that has to change..... so 2014 is the year for a big clean up!

Top of the list, is, that I'll move my studio out into the country side..... yep...... I love living in Mijas, but it is also incredibly distracting and somehow it is not working for me... hard to say what it is, so I am going back to base, to see how things feel and how it's going to work out with my husband retiring this year and coming home... exciting, all of it... we are off to Denmark to look at houses for example.
The island my fathers family comes from, Møn, is absolutely gorgeous, and house prices are something else! so we would like to go and see how it feels...... gard...winters again....are we crazy??

First up is my resolution to document some work being done on my blog again..... I am a bit lost in Facebook right now, but it does not lend itself all that well to sharing more than tidbits, so here goes,
back to blogging, which will also make me more conscious of working methods, and as I have discovered over the years, more open to try something new, even if it is just a different order of applying the ink...... sometimes in printmaking, big things come in small guises!

My second resolution is to finally get my textile work under way..... I would love to create a series, hang on, I have started to create a series!! of images to be printed on textiles for the home, and I think the country location our house is in is SO right for that... when we first moved in there, I did a lot of very nature based linocuts..... back to and more of that.... good resolution!!

My third resolution is to on a purely experimental basis do some abstract work, and I have today ordered some paper that will work well for printing in pale colors and using relief techniques......
this resolution feels very exciting, and like I am making myself a new door to walk through!!

My biggest and bestests ;o) resolution though, is to find calm, peace, tranquility and to get back to being the creative person I am, having had to step away for that for a while is actually having real negative effect, both physically, and phsycologially.... so a change is coming....... a fresh breeze is blowing!! mmmmm..... Happy New Year to you too!

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