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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Positive Tuesday.......

etching, Good News - yes, please!
Tuesday, and the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and all is right with the world! I made a little etching like this many years ago, and really felt the need to revive it, as it perfectly says how I feel......
someone else, who perfectly says how I feel is Pam..... she writes under her blog name yoborobo
and it is always a real pleasure to visit her blog, she writes about all of our every day, with heartfelt sympathy and a huge helping of humour, and she makes "dolls", if you can call them that, her creatures mirror my feelings and states of mind a lot of the time, and I could have them all!!
thanks Pam, for being my positive person!! I hardly ever leave a comment, I know, but I read you a lot! Maybe we could clone you..... what do you say... just a little dna sample and we are off and running!......huhuhu......


  1. Mariann, this made me smile when I needed to. Thank you so very much, my friend! xox!!

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  3. Oops -sorry Mariann!

    Yes, Pam makes such great things! Have you seen her picture books too? She is always so cheery and makes me smile. Did you know she won a prize in one of my blog giveaways? It was such a joy to be able to send her the prize!
    ~One Day, I will own one of Pam's weird-but-wonderful dolls!