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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy People with Happy Blogs - and New Beginnings!

etching, Love is in the air!
Without me noticing, a sense of doom got under my nails, in my hair, and sits like a little filter before my eyes!! This is called the "recession - syndrome" I am sure.....!! And it is quite easy to catch...
all you read about in the papers, all you see on the telly, everybody tells you how awful it is, and how half the village are out of jobs!!! And that is true, and terrible! And me sitting in a dark little cloud, is going to make NO DIFFERENCE at all to the present state of things....

So, I am celebrating the fact that life is wonderful!! with finding a seriously positive and optimistic person a day for the month of February! A person that makes you feel light hearted and that inspires you with their optimism and sunny outlook on life.... that is what I want to catch.... so here I go, rubbing shoulders as much as I can ;o)))

Monday: I discovered a blog called Fellow Fellow written and run by Claire!! Wonderful upbeat blog about fun things, about life that is good, about super little treatsy give aways and other things that just puts a smile on your face!! Claire is based in Singapore, can you believe it!! (where I used to live) Go visit and soak up the atmosphere!


  1. Such a great idea! It's too easy to get downhearted, when all the "news" is Bad News. And of course, in UK at this time of year, it is very often dark, dingy and grey - with a lot of that wet stuff falling from the dark, dingy and grey sky! That certainly doesn't help (last year's visit to Mijas certainly did, I had a sunshine top-up!).
    I'll be happy to discover your cheerful blog findings along with you, Mariann.
    Happy Monday! X

  2. Lovely to have a little good cheer.

  3. It's making me in a good mood, actively looking for positive people!! Very happy to share them and glad if you like it!

  4. Truly life is wonderful when you read inspiring blogs from happy people.

    Keep up the great work!