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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday with a Smile

etching, Oops!
Positive People..... it is so EASY to find oodles of them..... and that makes me just so happy, and, oh yes, feeling so positive!! Now, this is not supposed to be a shopping guide... ok... but... it seems that most cheerful people are making something, so does this not really give a big bang for the arts/crafts experience, if it's hobby or full time, who cares, make something! it is so obvious it makes us happier!
Today, Fish and Pig, and yes, I do also just love the name...... shares their philosophy, about making things with your hands, and even though you might not have a penny, it is a wonderfully inspiring facebook page and etsy shop to visit! And the girls make you want to move to Maine....mmmm....
just to be able to have a coffee with them on a Wednesday morning!!
Thanks Nanako and Deb, for your super outlook ( marine pun...get it;o)

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