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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Printmaking in Spain - Film on basic etching - aquatint and soft ground

Here it is: 7 parts, almost 1 hour and a quarter of instruction on how to, make a basic line etching, add some soft ground impression to that line etching and last, aquatint the whole plate for tonal values....
if you have any questions just get in touch, I like sharing!
Please note as you snuggle up under the blanket with a mug of hot chocolate, that I am not
George Clooney (ahhhhh) and that Youtube mixes the numbers up, so it is a little bit fiddly to go through the films in the right order, but on the other hand, you get a break to fetch more cookies!!


  1. Oooo! I must find the time to watch all of these, Mariann. I learned so much from other videos you posted!

  2. I have just finished watching your new videos on utube,fantastic,great encouragement to those of us who are relatively new to printmaking to try new techniques.By the way i'm glad your not George Clooney!!.Thankyou.