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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Printmaking in Spain - gobbledygook...???

"Agave I" aquatint etching

"Agave II" aquatint etching

It is interesting to be working and working and working and working, after a while, you have to come up for air, realize there are people living out there (really??) and breathe deeply, and ask yourself, am I talking sense, in this new language of mine.... or just muttering away to myself??
If this is not the most blatant fishing attempt you have ever seen, I don't what would be.. never mind :o)) I am also getting to be so intimately aquainted with aquatint, that I can't even spell anymore, and I am, still, deeply in love with my aquatint box, my little miracle worker.... I call him, yes, I know, but it is, a him..... affectionately :o)


  1. Love the new prints mariann.cacti are so iconic when you think of Spain.When I am in Spain I adore the bird of paradise flower.We all know that a new style is difficult to adapt to ,keep going!!

  2. I love these Mariann. How did you get the two colors? Don't tell me you put the brown on a la poupée?! What patience. I presume the yellow background is the paper color. Can't wait to see you and learn all your tricks. Too bad there won't be time for aquatint!

  3. uyp, all colors on the plate..... easy peasy with aquatint ;0)))))