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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lino course - Printmaking in Spain

3 color linoreduction by Nina Reistad
3 color linoreduction by Lizzie Gillum
3 color lino reduction by Kit Haig

We have had such fun!! a Whole Weekend of Linocutting, here at Cascada Studio in Mijas, Spain, some very nice and fun Valentine cards were made to start off, to get a feel for the tools and to get a Valentine card with all that extra love poured into it to give to our respectives. And then on to the, what was supposed to be, Basic Linocut course, which very quickly evolved to a Lino Reduction course, the enthusiasm of the students, and their willingness to tackle a tricky medium, was just so fun to watch, and even more fun, the looks on their faces as the prints progressed.... a really nice experience! And I have to say Congratulations on some wonderful prints, don't you think?!


  1. Fabulous work, you should be proud you made that happen ;)

  2. Well, Emma, I hope she is proud, because she's a great teacher! I had a wonderful time at Cascada Studio and I'm so pleased with the results.
    Thank you Mariann, it was Fabulous!

  3. yey lizzie's work on another blog. all her stories of her time with you are amazing. maybe get to meet you someday myself,
    jo xxx