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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Horses and turtles, and lots of flies....

Yesterday was a day almost totally in the animal mode..... first thing in the morning, lots of horses started coming through Mijas, I am not sure what was going on, a meet of some kind, but fun, beautiful horses and very proud owners galore. We are of course moving towards Semana Santa ( Holy Week) here in Spain, and Easter is taken serious, both as a religious holiday and as a time to celebrate that it is spring, and it is glorious weather and sitting outside a bar enjoying a fino (sherry) can be indulged again! Then I went up to the house we have in the country, and there the fine weather was also being celebrated, by the turtles having a serious sunbathing session in the river, in the company of a little frog?? I have never seen a frog sitting on a stone sunbathing...... but that's what it is, on the little stone to the left.... came back home in the afternoon, and as usual the fruit flies had a serious party going in my patio???? hmmmm.... at least I am telling myself they are fruitflies, I could be forgiven for thinking I have moved to Australia, there are not a couple, but hundreds, just kind of hanging about in that kind of weird fly mobile thing they do..... I hope they soon "move on", as it is kind of unnerving..... but never mind, clear blue sky, 28 degrees and who am I to question their right to enjoy "my" patio..... Spring is a beautiful time in Southern Spain, flowers, bees, birds and it's almost impossible to be inside... so I am going back out again.....:o)

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  1. What fun! I love the horses and turtles especially...probably could get by without the flies, but hey, you're correct to say, they do have their right to exist. Your town looks so sparklingly white and I can imagine your weather, as we've been having the same. It has been criminally beautiful up here too. Glorious time of year! I hope the construction project is moving forward with vigor!