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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

List and small things in life....

Do you know what I am talking about when I start my morning with making a list, and then diligently try to get through it, and the next morning I transfer to my new list what I did not get done from yesterdays list, and the list grows, and I am thinking about other things..... just like Nancy.... contemplating if she should lay the floor first or maybe grout something..... with my head all over the place I try to be patient and breathe...... be patient and breathe..... which reminds me that "My Blue Bird of Happiness brings me the Fireworks of Hope", so there.......


  1. Aww... such a sweet dog!

    I think you're actually doing pretty well to make a list in the first place. My head's all over the place too, but somehow I never seem to get round to the list-making (except for books I have to make, I do manage that!). Mind you, thanks to my husband - wonderful man! - a fair few jobs have been done in the last few days. He took me in hand and organised me - and also helped with the jobs I can't tackle, which made all the difference.
    But now it's school holidays; I have an extra factor to balance into a full day - a boy to include in my day. He will do stuff on his own, but I don't think it's healthy or kind to ignore him... after all, he is my son!! Juggling just got more complicated, more balls in the air, more things for the never-written list!

    Good luck with the List, Mariann!

  2. Oh yes, that is exactly what I do! In fact, after I have typed this comment, I am tackling my present list. I think they are essential if you are juggling lots of things, just the very act of writing things down seems to clarify things.