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Friday, April 8, 2011

a pat on the back.....

Today I think we all deserve a pat on the back, you for being one of the wonderful people that read my blog, to me for actually managing to create anything surrounded by a building site, and to Nancy for for the first time in her life wearing a sweater, and loving it! Mornings can be chilly this time of year in the South of Spain, and she snuggles right into her sweater for the first morning walk of the day,
she loves it here in Mijas, the cats on the street, that people open their doors to get some air, so she can look in, she always was the most curious dog, and all the little buddies she is making all over our neighborhood...... Friday morning, and the week is almost done, is it just me who thinks there are only Fridays in a week?? What happens to the rest?? Big smile from you to me, to go with the pat on the back.....


  1. Hello dear Mariann. It's great to know that you and Nancy made it back to sunny Spain and are enjoying your life together there despite the construction/dusty thing. It's exciting and annoying at the same time. Nancy looks as if she has a new lease on life, and at her advanced age, that's saying something. She has that puppy play look in her eyes. I'm sure she's just so delighted to be with "mommy" in some where so full of wonders.

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