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Sunday, January 23, 2011

a tad premature.......

alright alright.... I was a bit ahead of the actual season, as so often happens here in Spain, right after a couple of weeks of very mild weather and all the spring flowers marching on... comes a day of chilly north winds, and look... SNOW...on El Torcal, (our beautiful and incredible natural park right next door) and that is amazing as it happens very rarely...... brrr.... nice to able to stay inside on a Sunday, fire in the fireplace, floor heating running full blast.... nice wine in the fridge, and Sunday lunch coming up... life is GOOD!!
And I found a car... Yippeeeee...... felt like being let out of prison, done with driving round looking at the one crud heap after the other... I have paid a deposit on a pretty good Renault Kangoo.... 2008.... not too many kilometers on the clock and in a really half way decent state.... to be picked up next week..... proud new parent I feel like... I'll have to name it.....:o))))


  1. Hi Mariann! Your Sunday sounds lovely. I am dearly hoping to get some art time today. It is cold outside, I have food in the house, and so I can't think of any real reason to venture out. :) Congrats on the car! I love naming my cars, but they sometimes get named things like "The Beast". haha xox

  2. Yippee for warm fires and glass of wine! And yippee for a great little new car - it's good to be mobile.
    We don't have snow here any more - just dreary rain and greyness. I think I will come to Spain - it looks much nicer there!

  3. Indeed. Life is good. Glad you agree;-)