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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spain colors

gray skies and overcast, and i went for a walk this morning..... took some photos with my phone, which is as good as taking no photos, don't know why I bother when i have no idea how to retrieve them, so I'll go back down to the river again, and take them with the camera.... off what?? you ask... spring flowers.... am searching for spriiiiiing in every nook and crannie, right of the boat from the tropics, I am this photo from last week,of my big white bowl full of mandarins ( 2 kgs for 2 euros!!) will do to warm me up!


  1. Oooh, grey and overcast in Spain too? I thought it was only here.. and there I was, about to get on the plane to come over there and get some sunshine! The weather forecast showed some "High Pressure" on its way down to you soon. Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow (meanwhile we have snow or sleet showers forecast, with a very cold NE wind - oh, yippee!)
    Enjoy your hunt for the Springtime. I am sure you'll find it in a little sheltered corner, if you keep looking.

  2. You are cold in Spain? I bet that is like being cold in Southern California. You're not used to it, so when it happens, it's a betrayal. lol!! I hope the sun comes out soon! Don't you love the color of mandarin oranges? xox