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Thursday, January 20, 2011

spring is here!!!

Almondtrees all over our beautiful area of Spain, are coming into blossom, the valleys look like snowdrifts and it is just breathtakingly so beautiful, and what am I doing.... running round looking for a second hand car, there are no two things further apart than looking at almond blossom and looking at cars, secondhand at that..... girls.... for once, and this does not happen often, I say: where is my MAN!!!! I need a MAN..... they ( the wonderful sales guys) have me clocked as soon as I set foot in the showroom.... ahhh, i do the right things, i kick the tyres, I look under the bonnet, I even, lately, pull on wires with a frown..... do they buy it??? I think, not for a minute.......:o((((( So this morning, I am going to look at almond blossom, I am going to sit and look at the wonder that this is, and enjoy it..... all those beautiful fragrant blossoms that become an almond, an edible thing, is that not a miracle, and boy.... I am in the mood for miracle gazing..... alternatively... anybody got a man to lend me????
Psssst...don't tell my husband:o)


  1. Spring?! I'm looking out on a universally twinkly frost covering our seafront and my car is going to need a severe ice scraping before I can go anywhere. You are SOOOO lucky! Any nice houses for sale where you are? Sick of this British weather.
    Good luck with the car - car salesmen treat everyone as idiots to be seperated from their money

  2. Mariann! What are you trying to do, make us jealous? Spring in January? Are you kidding????? It makes it hard to feel sorry for you about the car.

  3. Mariann, Mariann, really? You can project manage builders, plumbers, bureaucrats, but you can't handle a simple little used car salesman? Girlfriend, I am shocked! Now whip out that cleavage and wicked tongue and go get the damn car! : ) xx

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