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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

There is a reason...

why someone invented swear words and foul language, and that reason must be chine colle..... if you have ever tried, I bet you agree..... it must be like golf, you get hooked, and wonder why for ever more.... too much glue, paper to thin, paper to thick, too little glue, paper colors!! (that was a new one) paper buckles, probably due to too much or too little glue, paper rips as you try and handle the soggy gluey blooming (told you) ricepaper and then WOW, you get a perfect print!! One out of the 12 you have struggled with the whole morning, wasting, I am sure, at least a small tree in the process...aaaaarrrggghhhhhh... and yet... hooked, because when it works, it is so beautiful, so fun, makes you a total and utter paper nutter (yes, I am, I confess) and so worth it.... but swearing, hey, I could not do it if it was not allowed!
Now, is there a point here... oh yes, that's right, does anyone have a tip on a good article or book on chine colle, with lots of photos of how to, because maybe I need a hand, maybe I am not doing it right... or, is this the reason you don't see a lot of chine colle.. I mean, yes, you see a lot where the whole print is done chine colle, but not much where only parts is done, or if you have, please... send me a link! I'd love to get better at it.....hmmm... now, where's my buggy!!


  1. I don't have a book to recommend Mariann, but I have a trick that someone taught me. It works quite well. I paint white glue on to the back of my tissue or other paper and then let it dry. It can store like that for ever. If I want to chine collé something, I cut out my piece of paper to fit and after I've run the print through the press once, I run it through again with the plate totally cleaned with the piece of glued paper resting on it, glue side up, then run the print through the press a second time. The wetness of the paper and the pressure of the press will do the trick. It's a cheaty way, but it works.

  2. Wow, sounds like hard work Mariann - but isn't it great when you work hard at something and it comes good in the end?
    I hope the above suggestion helps - sorry I have no clever ideas myself - I haven't tried Chine Colle yet!
    Good luck with the next batch - oh, and Merry Christmas!

  3. Dearest Nancy, yours truly are a bit to thick to understand your instructions... so will have to try it! step by step.... somehow, I am thinking -but then the ink is under the paper??? no??? uuuhhhh..(that's my braincell working it's way through the slurry (of other braincells) (already dead))) :o)

  4. Mariann, I would love to see one of your chine colle prints. Are there any online in one of your fabulous shops, perhaps?

    So, your new place in spain look so cool. Moving for good? Not too soon, i hope. Must meet for a coffee soon. in singpore now? email me!!