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Thursday, January 27, 2011

new roller!!

ahhhh, the sweet feeling of a brand new roller.... and it is so nice, heavy and hefty.... just the way I like'em....... I went to Marbella yesterday, to the little art supply shop there, that has most of the printmaking things I need, apart from block printing inks????? What do people use instead????..... It is going to take me a while to find stuff here, it seems to be very spread out, but have also managed to find a website, so I can order online..... Spain is such a contradictory country when it comes to technology..... here, the phone still reigns, and yet.....
where do you go to find a second hand car, to the internet of course..... who would have thought.
As always, driving around, doing a lot of talking, passing by the new house, where the installation of new electricity is almost done..... is tiring, so far removed from my usual day of being in the studio.... only thinking about the studio...., here, there are 5.000 things every day to sort, file, think about, consider and talk to... I fall into bed every evening, dead tired and can't sleep, because of the list..... ahhh, I am sure you know what I am talking about, that list that keeps running in your head, on a spool, round and round, and my list does not seem to have any sheep.... how ever, I am SO happy with my new roller.... so have to try it out today and see what it feels like!


  1. It is tiring to have a routine all interrupted by big changes, like moving house (and studio?).
    Would an evening walk help to settle your thoughts ready for bed?

    I love that new roller... I have two - one is a very small and rather cheap one (which probably won't work properly); the other is a slightly bigger and better one. I need to try them out... so far I have only used dab-on inks from ink pads. Now I have my letterpress things, I want to try "real" inks at home!
    Have fun trying out your lovely new is very beautiful to look at - hope it's as nice to use!

  2. Ooh, by the way, I forgot to say - I love the look of that lino-cut plate you are making. It's rather fab. I wonder what the prints will be like?

  3. Have you tried using oil paints cut with something else to loosen them? If you are desperate it might do - I was reading my 'Linoleum Block Printing' (Francis.J.Kafka) and for textile printing, if you can't get the proper inks, he recommended cutting oil paints with a mordant. I've used a specialist mixing medium myself before, for letterpress printing, though it is not as good as the real thing.

  4. Making a big change is always so exciting AND tiring. Congratulations on the car and the electricity and of course the new roller...:^>

  5. you guys are so sweet, thank you for your nice comments and for your advice..... I actually did buy some tubes of the new oilpaint that you can mix with water, so am trying that out..... whilst I wait for the inks I have ordered....:o)