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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Collecting Original Prints

Have you ever thought of collecting original prints, that is, etchings, linocuts etc..... printmaking means that the artists involved prints the prints, not an inkjet printer of an offset printer..... this means that collecting original prints, is collecting original art....... I have put together a treasury on etsy with all etchings, and they are all beautiful, sometimes not given the greatest description by the artist, and that is a pity, I think they sell themselves short that way, but hey, everybody can not be alike. The prices are fantastic, it never ceases to amaze me that you can find original prints for the same, or less, as reproductions on that "I buy handmade" pledge, and next time you shop something for your wall... or for the new baby (how amazing to give art, real art, to a new human being) or for your sister, your mother or your beloved. When you buy, ask the artist to write a little thing for you, explaining the technique and their idea/inspiration behind the piece, what a personal gift that would be! The choosing, will be difficult..... you will laugh, cry, and yes, even cringe..... but how fun.. and how worth it, helping preserve a time honored way of producing images!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I love to hear you beating the drum for printmaking. I have been collecting prints for years (I even have several Mariann Ellis ones ;^>) I still enjoy looking at each of them. I bought a print for my son-in-law's birthday from one of my favorite etsy printmakers, Andrea Starkey. Do you know her work? Her reduction prints don't look like lino at all!

  2. Yes, I agree - original prints are the Best! I have bought a number of original prints over the last year, since I started my own Etsy shop. I am often amazed by how reasonably priced they can be. However I do find that the quality seems to vary enormously. Some (like yourself) put so much care and hard work into the print; others produce off-centre, badly-inked up, scruffy pieces of work - yet they still offer them for sale. Why would I want to buy these - especially when I can have a Mariann original made with care?

  3. Lizzie, you are so right.... I am amazed by the reasonable prices, and dismayed by the quality..... the same goes for the various print exchanges I participate in, surely clean hands and paper and a straight plate is the least you could ask for???
    And thanks for noticing, that I do take a lot of care over my prints..... I appreciate that!