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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inspire me!

Purple is supposed to be a color that is very good to wear or have nearby, when you are trying to be creative.... pity it makes me look like a washed out rag, or I would wear it the whole time.... it's a difficult color, purple... kind of maligned.... I had great fun cutting this lino, even though it did give me a lot of trouble, and had to be "held down" to not move in printing... and I have no clue why... printmaking always surprises me, in that there is always things that crop up, that makes me feel like I started yesterday.... makes it interesting, if sometimes very frustrating... I promised myself a "lino summer" this year, and have so far, done pretty good in keeping my promise, with a whole little sketch pad full of ideas... as always , there is a need for more hours in the day..... it's nice to make a promise like that, especially if it is in an area that I know I need to work more in to be come better... I seriously need to rethink my inks, I always felt that oilbased is such a bugger to work with on lino's, so messy, but want those translucent colours... so it has to be done, the switch, now for finding a good brand of oilbased transparent block printing inks...any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I don't do any printmaking, but just let me say (again!) I LOVE this print! I seriously need to win the lottery, and buy out your etsy shop!! Hopefully someone with some lino experience can chime in about inks. :) Have a great week! xox Pam

  2. Hi Mariann, I am positive you know more about these inks than I do so I won't pretend to give you any ideas.