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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Horsley Printmakers

Originally uploaded by Horsley Printmakers

Carol Nunan just signed up as a follower on my blog, and as most times, I try to go have a look and see who "my" followers are....... well, Carol is one part of Horsley Printmakers, and they give what looks like some really interesting workshops, have a look at their Flickr account with oodles of student work...... and good... even great , student work..(just look at those wonderful sheep!)... I always thought, that good student work, comes from a good teacher..... if you can show, really show, your students what you can do, then they can also produce work to the very best of their abilities, so in a way, my students work reflects on my skill as a teacher.

I love giving courses, it is such fun sharing, and seeing what people can find in themselves with the help of that knowledge..... well... if you are lucky enough to live in the area of Newcastle, then go have a look at their website and their course program..... they have a LOT of courses I'd love to do! Can I give better praise than that?!!


  1. I don't know what's wrong with me...I'm apparently losing my memory! (sigh...I am going to be 53 tomorrow!) so while I'm planning a fabulous year, it might be the year I had start making post-it notes to myself about EVERYTHING!!!
    I was SURE that I was a follower! Well, yeah I have been but apparently not an OFFICIAL one. So count me as #73 (I wish I was #53) anyway sorry about the brain-fart! Now I'm going to Flickr and find you there! (I hope Albert is behaving! tee hee) XOXO - Cindi

  2. Ooh, thanks for the great tip, Mariann! That's a lovely print of the sheep...

  3. Happens to us all Cindi.... not to worry , am happy if I remember who I am......
    and yes, Lizzie..... if you go to their website it is so inspirational... makes you want to live in Newcastle, and really... that's good....

  4. Mariann

    I am a bit slow on the uptake sometimes and I never realised when you emailed me that you actually gave us a really great write up on your own blog with a link attached. . Thank you VERY much. It is really good to know that we are hitting the right note. We are currently just trying out a piece of software for our new newsletter which allows us to track the response. We have been really heartened to see what percentage of the mailing list opened up the newsletter and of that percentage actually clicked through the links. It is well in excess of the normal response rates and have resulted in several bookings within 48 hours.

    I have to say I also came across your videos on YouTube ages ago and was really impressed. Did you get someone in to help you with them or do you have a good unpaid helper?