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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas in July

I am being such a Good Girl!! All day yesterday making Christmas card plates.... have done most of the drypoints..... just missing a couple of angels!!. I make most of my cardplates as drypoints, yes, you don't get so many cards, but never mind, it gets boring with the same the whole time, and cardplates are quick to make, so I prefer limited amounts, of all prints really... never liked seeing editions of 100's, kind of misses the point somehow... hmm, personal point of view there! I found a great little electrical engraver, very easy to use and light, remember, if you are going to get an engraver, for drypoints, it needs to be the kind that makes a line of little dots, as opposed to just a line for best results. I am having a very traditional Christmas, wreaths, trees, etc... a couple of tropical one's..... and some lino's with text I think.. sometimes I have real lino Christmas, but they never beat the drypoints, maybe because the drypoints have a much more "romantic" look, oldfashioned..., Pears and Partridges etc...... that could be fun... I always find that the more traditional they are, the better the cards sell.... we are so firm in our beliefs as to how a "real" Christmas card should look, makes it tricky, to reinvent it all every year. I don't like printing on the same plates year after year... I might after 4 or 5 years, go back and print some favorites... and then my usual mail out so people can order their cards... it is quite the little glitter trail Christmas leaves.... and of course, expats, are early birds..... we mail our Christmas cards in October..... :o)))
Sometimes simple is good..... the card in the photo is a very simple lino, with a bit of glitter and a gold star added.. to me it is VERY Scandinavian..... heritage coming throoooooough......
Take care, have a lovely Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness! Christmas already? It can't be! After a couple of weeks of decent weather, here in Scotland the rain is lashing down and the wind howling and I've been struck down by a cold/virus - somehow Christmas so soon seems like the final straw! I'm going to lie down in a darkened room now

  2. You're an inspiration! And also crazy. :^)

  3. uh yes.... Christmas is to be treated as a very very serious subject...... and that means it is given a lot of time....gargle......;O0