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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Albert's Arrived!!!

ALBERT arrived on the mail flight yesterday...... and immediately spotted a couple of touch up jobs on a painting I had standing in my studio, this is pretty observant, or, is it impertinent ...can't decide which yet.... so I put him to work straight away, fixing it up..... well... if I am going to be his new Mommy, he has to earn his keep...hehe.... he is experiencing some slight problems due to the size of my easel..... but hey..... I told him, you should not point things out like that, if you are not willing to do something about it, yeah, I can see that Albert needs to know who is top dog...... he is a very feisty little guy...... jetlagged and all...... but he might calm down...... is this the reason,
Cindi at oldblackcatboo, he was in the give away..... he was giving you some lip maybe???
Anyway.... am keeping an open mind so far about the little guy..... :o))))))


  1. Oh Mariann!
    I so Happy to see that he arrived safely! He was SO excited about the trip and moving into his new home with his Momma! Er,ahhh,well...yes he is a bit of a handful. He loves to run around late at night looking for little mice to "play" with! But eventually he tries out and curls up in a corner!
    I'm So happy that the two of you are finally together!
    XOXO - Cindi

  2. Oh, Albert! He is adorable! I have Agnes, who might be his sister. (I will have to check with Cindi.) I love her, she sits next to my laptop and keeps an eye on me. ;) xo Pam