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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And in the middle of the week.....

comes wednesday...... and that's great...... am reading a book by Marina Endicott, "Good to a Fault" and love it, it's about this middle aged woman, who takes in a family after they have a bit of a fender bender, and it is dicovered that the mother has cancer.... 3 kids and a grandmother from hell........ it sounds like a true story , but is fiction..... great read... it really makes you think, would I do that... could I do that......?? It would be lovely to think of oneself as someone who both would and could, and yet, for me it would be a long long stretch...... sometimes the great selfishness of no kids and being an artist... yes, I think being an artist means that you have to be quite selfish, or you get swept away by other people, means I live a very very indulged life..... and don't even appreciate it at times.... although that is human.... so, if you are reading this... stop, take a long breath and think yes, I LOVE my life........ I love my life, that's for sure.....:o)


  1. Mariann - I don't think I could do it (take in another family). I mean, of course I COULD, but it would be so hard. I think creative people are selfish (me included) and you need to have that to create things. I love my family, but I have to hide from them, too - lol!! You have a fabulous rest of your week. xox! Pam

  2. Hi Pam,
    I know I could not do that..... I would hate them after 5 minutes.. but is does open p some thought to what you can do for people in your surrounding without necessarily taking it that far..... going to be kinder..... my blooming impatience gets the better of me!