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Sunday, July 11, 2010

After the weekend.....

comes Monday morning...... I guess if you flew round and round the world, you could for ever live in a Sunday night scenario... hmmm... is that possible even??? Nancy, my darling little girl dog, she has the right idea for a Monday morning... snooooooze.... my husband and I made a film over the weekend to show how to print linocuts mix and match, doing the last bit tonight and then the editing..... which is quite fun... or would be if we did not fight so much over it :o))) too many generals in this household! And the camera is calling, have lots of new prints I need to take photos of..... and oodles of other chores that need to be done...hmmm stretch yaaaawn..... coffee anyone?


  1. Hi Mariann,

    I'm looking forward to seeing the video and, of course, the new prints! What breed is your "darling little girl dog?"

  2. Hi Mariann! Yes, I need that coffee, thank you. :) Your sweet Nancy has the right idea. We have too many generals here, too. :) I'd love to see your video when you two get done arm-wrestling over it. LOL! Have a great week - xo Pam

  3. Little Nancy looks so angelic. I think she's dreaming about something happy! Maybe it's coffee! That's the only thing that gets this Nancy up in the morning...

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  5. I'll start again..... either my fingers are getting fatter, or my keyboard is getting smaller.... yes, that's it, it's getting smaller.....
    Nancy is a very cute little crossbreed terrier kind of girl.... she knows I belong to her, and has me trained accordingly.... angelic she is not.....but very CUTE.
    ahhh.... if only armwrestling was the sum of it..... I now have blue ink on the ceiling of my studio...could not imagine not being married to a general, but still.... sometimes it gets loud with all the bugles and calls to arms!!!
    New video out in a couple of weeks!