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Monday, April 19, 2010

Reading blogs

So, this week I have been reading, as opposed to writing, blogs...... and that's fun, and I do too little of it, why are there so few hours in a day, and how do you all manage to facebook, blog, take care of your etsy, work, have a family, love your dogs...... phew.... I want more time!!! Wanted to say thanks to oldblackcatboo for sharing her thoughts on blog friends...... I totally agree with her, there is a tap of blog love out there!!!!
I did read quite a lot about copying, stealing, blocking your photos, making sure nobody can save your images, and ask: then what are we doing in the stratosphere? When I started all of this, the blog, facebook, flickr..... it was because I was told, no less, that in order to be with it, I have to have
a web presence... this is by my teenage friends..... who now, by the way, according to polls, have all ditched the blogging, in favour of twittering... and no... really..... twitter..... I DON"T THINK SO!
There is a limit.... but you see what I mean... what is the point, shouting in the dark, is it not just a chance you have to take, that someone somewhere will see your stuff (the whole point) and like it so much that they will have it as their wallpaper... and then it gets seen by their gallery owning friend, who by the way owns a gallery in New York (mecca) and who just can't wait to represent me, and introduce me to his mum who owns a gallery in London (mecca II) and would you know it, their dog ( a King Charles Spaniel I am sure), who has a gallery in Paris (mecca III)......and hey hoopla... I am famous! :o)
Rambling...oooooh yes...... and no, no pretty photo either... no time ..oh alright then..... the Paris galleryowner.... Francoise!


  1. so funny.... i love your rambling:)

  2. Laura,
    I do too little rambling...... or too much....depends on your point of view! :o)

  3. Lovely! Such fun! I like your blog and I've found some great stuff here - not only your beautiful work, but the great posts about your stay in France, working with other artists etc, plus the really helpful and instructive (oooh, posh word!) videos you have made. I'm really grateful for the videos on "A la Poupee", which I found just before I went on my printmaking course - I made a lovely print, just because I was able to use the techniques you had shown in the videos.
    So, don't go away... you have some "faithful followers" - so do I and I give my friends' posts a plug from time to time. It is a small network, but nevertheless, we have to start somewhere!
    Best wishes to you, love the doggy photo, and I hope that wealthy King Charles Spaniel with a gallery just happens to logon today and find your work!

  4. Mariann - You are too funny. And I agree. There is a lot of discussion going on about copying someone's work, and while I dislike it a lot, it is always going to happen, and unless you have a cadre of lawyers at your disposal, there is very little you can do about it. Most of the time, you can tell which is the original and which is not.
    As for copying an image and posting it somewhere, it's free advertising. If they start making prints of your image and selling them, well, then you need that gang of legal beagles. :)) BTW, I want to be rep'd by the Parisian Spaniel!!
    xox Pam
    PS I'd almost rather do twitter than be on fb. I mean, 140 characters - that sort of appeals to me. Whaddya say? LOL!!

  5. I am glad you like my blog!!! And yes, I want Francoise too...... I have this thaaaang about King Charles Spaniels, they just do me in with those soulful eyes!!! And I agree with you Pam, there is enough to worry about..... and it is , free advertising. And you see, it's the 140 characters, how could I say anything in that.... oh, am a bit worried that a ramble, can become a rant.... so will stop here.... :o)))))