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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pameran Poskad Show

Pameran Poskad 2010.... was as always chockerblock with people!! I love this show... it is all postcard sized work, you can submit up to 10 pieces and it is all for sale, at the most wonderful prices...... this year, there was a preview...yes.... a preview, at 3 in the afternoon, and I knew you had to be there to get the "good" stuff... this show does attract the good the bad the ugly and the down right bizarre.... in the most incredible mix... ever heard of sticking ants to paper in the shape of a word and then plasticking it??? No.. me neither.... on neon coloured paper.... hmmmm..... I am glad that this show open up possibilities for all these pieces of work, most of them, thankfully , originals, even though this year, there was a portion of reproductions (too many for me), I am all for digital prints, please, by all means, enter digital prints, but a reproduction... is that really what is meant by a digital print??? Well... what do I know.....
The show was as usual really well organised, hat off to the organisers, it must be a lot of work, and they do it so well, with lots of help from lots of people.
Luckily, as yours truly, forgot the camera, Erin Caskey helped me out with a couple of her photographs to give you a taste of the ambience, thanks Erin, and I hope they give you the feel of hot, steamy, with oodles of people intent on looking at these small pieces on the walls, that are covered in them, so "hi there; let's talk later" seemed to be the mood..... a bit of a pity with the preview... when you like I did, came at 3, and the opening happened at 6, I ended up with a couple of hours, luckily there were very nice people to have a drink with, but still, and by 6.30 I was ready to leave, feeling like I missed out a bit....
not on the buying though, hehe...... 30 little pieces will eventually hang on my wall..... of course I bought the Beth Tan pieces, I am a big fan of hers..... and this year a Safaruddin Bin Abdul Hamid as well, a very very cute Aida Burpy...and 3 diptychs from Susmar, 3 little knitted pieces from Eileen Phil, they were just so kooky, I had to have them.....
When I get them I'll take photos and show you all my purchases, tralalalalla... very happy bunny!! Psst...... find out how to join next, and yes, you can join from overseas!

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  1. Wow - you should post some of your finds, I would love to see them. :) Sounds like a good time, and you scored some art! Can't beat that! xoxo Pam