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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calle de las Poetas "Bici"

Calle de las Poetas "Bici"
Originally uploaded by Mariann Johansen Ellis

My second "round" of "Calle de las Poetas, the first one was called "El Columpio", you can find it in my etching set, this one I called "La bicicleta", ( well...I wonder why?:) I print 5 of each drypoint on the etching of "Calle de las Poetas", making new things "happen" on the street, those Poets have to get some inspiration from somewhere...
so this is a 2 plate print, etching and drypoint, a la poupee. You can see me printmake if you go to and click on printmaking movies. It takes you straight through to my Youtube library of films.

1 comment:

  1. Same street, different day! I love all the little details in this - people looking out of windows, bricks and tiles, interesting windows, various trees... and then the little figure on the bicycle added into the scene.
    It is really lovely!