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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

gift tags and bookmarks

a couple of weeks ago, I had a fun Sunday in the studio, making some gift tags and bookmarks in lino... printing, inking up, getting messy..... I just love it... so why am I a bit listless......?? Why is it sometimes so hard to be grateful for all the riches I have???

When I lift the lid,
I can't even see the bottom,
it's hidden by flecks of gold,
by glints of something
that looks like moonlight,
I can see petals,
and feathers
from the wings of blue birds,
some days... there is too much
and I put the lid back on.


  1. these look fantastic Marrianne!
    I have been trying to find time to do some bookmarks myself but just havent gotten to it.
    The colours and the images are destinctively you I love them!

    Narelle x

  2. Hi Mariann! Maybe it is Spring. It's hard sometimes to focus. I love the line "some days there is too much treasure and I put the lid back on". You are grateful, maybe just overwhelmed. :)) xoxo Pam

  3. yes, maybe it's spring....... although who the hook would no, living in tropical Singapore, actually, Pam, that's the problem, there is no spring, I need Spring!!! and thanks, Narelle, it was your gift tag that came with my teacup linocut prints that provided the inspiration for these, so you just take the credit girl!!!