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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pameran Poskad in Singapore

I made 2 little linocuts for the upcoming
Pameran Poskad here in Singapore, it is a postcard size art exhibition, where everything is for sale, a fantastic opportunity to get yourself some super little pieces of art, I now have quite the collection.... and love it, so the 17th of this month I am heading to
" My Art Space" to extend my collection..... hoping that a couple of my favorite artists will have work in the exhibition.... I'll show you in a later post what I bought!.


  1. Those are sweet little prints. I love the protective covering over the sleeper... the way the picture splits into the outside and the inside, so to speak.
    The little bird is lovely and I like the layers of colour that you have used.
    Good luck with selling your own prints - and finding others for your collection!

  2. I love those prints! I want to try carving something like this and I might just pick up some supplies in town today so I can. You sure do nice work.

  3. Thanks...... it's fun to do small things, a lot more difficult I find, but fun..... really enjoy being part of print exchanges.... and yes, going to the put my red stickers on a whole gang of little art pieces!! ;O0