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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A friend for Pam

Pam, found this wonderful artist in Australia, her creatures, would most certainly get on well with yours (yoborobo), maybe a match made in heaven :o) the rest of you, Moira has some wonderful artwork!! so go have a look at "Badger Harry Presents", her blog..... she writes really funny too!As does Pam... so there you go, 2 great blogs for you to have fun with this weekend!


  1. Aw, shucks, Mariann! Thank you! And Moira's blog is so fun! I love her drawings and her critters. You're right, we would be great pals, as would our creations. :) Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo Pam

  2. Aren't they cute...... and you are too! ;o)

  3. Wooooahhhh! Mariann, i didn't even know you had a blog until 5 mins ago so to find it and see me mentioned on its just a little bit freaky - squuuueeeeeaaaaal! Thank you :0)!! There will be some more drawings and felt critters on there after the exhibition opening on thursday, including a Bunyip - Comfrey Boggyup, and some of her little felt droppings! Am off to discover Pam now........ :0)