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Thursday, March 18, 2010

messy studio.....

the busier I get, the messier my studio becomes..... the more I wish there was order.....
well... one is just never pleased, is one!!! The dogs love it though, long days sleeping under my tables..... and they are so cute, getting so OLD..Bop is 20, Nancy is 18, almost 19..... a testament to a lot of money spent at the vet:o)
Talking to Nancy Wilson at Maison Conti the other day, and sharing with her my method for getting over that nasty "where I am going, what am I doing" bug, that us artist catch from time to time...... what do you do? I'd LOVE to hear your recipe for
getting over the blues...... oh... that would be fun... a recipe book for getting over the blues!!! Come on girls... cause we are all girls, I think..... do I have any guy followers... poor of me to not know... let's put together a "your total recipe book for the artist blues"!! Have a great weekend! big hug to you all...


  1. For me to get over the blues I'd go for a long walk and then come back to my studio with some idea I had thought up during that walk and get busy pulling out all the supplies I might need to create that thing, whatever it might be. Alternatively I would go through my books until I found one that had some great project I wanted to try and I would work through that book. I have especially enjoyed books by Maggie Grey, Linda and Laura Kemshall and Beryl Taylor. Or pull out a stack of Quilting Arts magazines or CPS and go through until I found something that caught my eye. That's probably enough for now.
    I wrote this quote down today from a Stephen King book: "Each thing I do I rush through so I can do something else."

    Oh your doggies are so cute under there! I wish mine could live so long.

  2. Mariann - next life, I think I should come back as one of your dogs. :) As for the art blues...hmmm. Well, new art supplies (something I don't already own), art magazines, taking books out of the library on an artist, not making art (this one works like a charm, just don't let yourself make art, you'll be champing at the bit!). I have days where I just don't feel like making things, and I go with it. I think lots of times we arty (and writer) types get all caught up in "is this good enough?" or "will this sell?" and we forget to have fun.
    So I will say, just play. :) Happy weekend! xox Pam

  3. I think your studio space looks lovely and the pupsters under the table make it even more inviting. What a sweet little (big) space you have there. The blues will pass. Organize your thoughts, plan a new series, sketch ideas and look for inspiration from fellow artists. But mostly, make art to sweep the clouds away from your view.

  4. Thanks..... for all your suggestions, and thanks for your concern, not having the blues though, we were just talking about having it..... I am on a roll!!!!! Feeling tip top and working like crazy, just the way it should be! Have a great Sunday!
    and keep the recipes coming!!!

  5. Hey Mariann! Finally I get to post. Love that you have your dogs in the studio. My two cats INSIST on sharing space with me but being cats they cannot resist poking their noses into everything and playing with tools, threads whatever is lying about. I love them but... sometimes they are banned.
    Beating blues? Long walks do it for me, or seeing some truly inspirational exhibition