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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunshine enthusiast!

Courtney at Green and Pretty calls herself a
"sunshine enthusiast", how lovely is that..... read her funny blogpost on the coming of spring and add your own story to it... here in hot and humid Singapore, spring is more of a notion, than a fact, as the temperatures don't really change, we do have a flowering season though, and right now, all the trees are in glorious bloom all over the city.... it really is a sight to behold.... although it makes me sneeze something dreadful ;O0, but who cares!!!
I'll really rally to remember to take my camera with me every morning walking the dogs, to show you some of the gorgeous displays, but... I am terrible at remembering that kind of thing!
Anyway, the photo is the view from my studio, it had just rained, and the air was full of the incredible fragrance of frangipani, every morning the ground is a carpet of pink flowers, I take lots of them in and put them in bowls of water and they last the day, filling the house with their fragrance..... (and I wonder why I am sneezing?)
also on Courtneys blog is an interview with me, about what??? ART of course!!!Thank you so much Courtney, it feels great to know that you like my work!


  1. Such a pretty picture, Mariann. I am sneezing here, too, but I do not care. I am so happy to see the sun, and Spring! I'll go read your interview with Courtney! xo Pam

  2. Is frangipani the same as plumeria? I wonder. I can't grow either here but once a friend sent me a package and she had put plumeria blossoms in the box. What a heavenly fragrance arose upon opening that box. I can still smell it almost. Lucky you. Happy Spring!

  3. have not got a clue...frangipani has big waxy white flowers with a yellow center.... am the worst gardener in the world.... I look at plants , and they die.... it is so sad, especially as I love looking at them....:o)