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Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Dictionary Series

I now have 6 pieces of my new series hanging at Red Sea Gallery, very exciting to see them up on the wall! That first week, with all your newborn babies on the wall, always makes me feel very "naked", but it passes... and that is a good thing...!!!


  1. Congratulations clap clap clap...You go girl...Rock that show.


  2. Yay, Mariann! They are beautiful! :) Pam

  3. I find these so utterly charming! Just lovely and so evocative of a happy spring day. Congrats for getting them into a gallery, I'll bet they won't be there for long. I hope you said your goodbye's! That is the hard part.

  4. Thank you.... you are so nice..... am lucky to have been represented by Red Sea Gallery for almost 6 years now... wow, time does fly.... but still, new work is new work, and it is scary to hang for the first time... a couple of weeks on, sold a couple, so am well and truly over it... they have officially left home!!