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Friday, September 14, 2012

Printmaking in Spain .... again......

Aquatint etching

Bea with her prints
All the way from Kenya, Bea came to print with me in Cascada Studio last week..... Bea has done textile design and fell in love with Mijas instantly! The first night, we went out for a glass of wine and some tapas, and saw the famous Mijas Donkey taxis walking home... one donkey tied to the cart and the rest following, and Bea just loved the image, which is wonderful and so happy, and also for me, so Mijas. It is great with visitors who show their enthusiasm, it makes us old timers "see" things again, and I for one, say thank you, for that experience!
Taking her cue from that, Bea dove right into an aquatint etching... one of the trickiest things there are in printmaking, without hesitation and soaking up instruction like a sponge! And this is the result...
I think it's great, and am looking forward to eventually having a real donkey print collection, - remember Emily Bornoffs wonderful whimsical donkey, and now this, a more solemn donkey ;o)
On top of that, I have just discovered that the donkeys have their own taxi website !!!! Well, I'll be darned ;o)
Thanks Bea for being such a positive and upbeat student....Welcome back!

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