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Monday, April 9, 2012

Aquatint Easter

aquatint etching from course at Cascada Studio

Aquatint etching from Course at Cascada Studio

Emily Bornoff in Cascada Studio
Emily, came to do a 3 day Aquatint course with me, at Cascada Studio, and we had fun! Not only was she on of those lovely people to have in the studio, calm, intelligent and with good conversation, but she also is a really wonderful artist. It is always fun to see someone who works quite differently to yourself, and often, as the "teacher" I feel like the student, something that makes the giving of courses all the more worthwhile to me. Who was it that said, "we are all apprentices in a craft, where no one ever becomes a master" (Hemingway I think!) and I wish her the best of luck, with her plans for the future, and welcome back to my studio anytime, Emily!
Aquatint is part of my printmaking mornings program, where I tailormake a course just for you, for the length of time you want, and with the content best suited to what you are looking to learn! At Cascada Studio, a fully equipped printmaking studio, you come first!


  1. That little donkey is so lovely and full of character; and the houses are soooo Mijas - all in rows, up the hillside! I like the little touches of blue here and there and those tiny doors and windows...
    Looks like Emily had some fun too, Mariann!