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Monday, February 20, 2012

printmaking in Spain , the delights of photo etching.....

Subject: printmaking in Spain , the delights of photo etching.....

having fun, getting to grips with solar plates, ohhhh, yees, but then Nancy Wilson and Rick Harrisson are just the most delightful of teachers, incredibly generous with their knowledge and time, you feel as if you are getting so many tips and ideas for how to understand things easily and in a way that is so inspiring! To spend a weekend sharing printmaking know how, is my idea of a great weekend, add som fab food, and some big laughs to that mix, not to mention that you are staying in a real experience of a French house, and you have a printmaking workshop at Maison Conti. ( )
No wonder I keep coming back, and no wonder I feel this I what I want you to get when you come for a course with me too...... I have some great people to follow... thank you, makes me feel very blessed! See you soon again, Nancy and Rick xxxx

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  1. Yay, isn't it nice to spend time with other artists and share ideas! I am so glad you have had the chance to enjoy the same experience, Mariann. Hope it's not too chilly in France - I see your woolly red boots. Have a lovely time and go home inspired!

    BTW thank you for the lovely comment on my Lemons post. X

  2. I certainly hope so! This is the kind of addiction I can really support!