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Monday, February 27, 2012

The French Green House blog

My little friend Laurent l'agneau

Oakleaf monoprint

The Gartemp River, Viennes
Lambing season has just started, and I was so lucky to make a new friend on the absolutely marvellous walks that abound around my sisters B&B, fields, rivers, streams, and lots and lots of paths to choose from, Larry the lamb, or in French he has to be Laurent l'agneau I guess, was just tooooooo cute for words, with that nasty lamb virus around, even cuter for being so perfect!
I love walking, a good stick, a nice dog, and a pair of sturdy boots, I can walk for hours and hours, collecting all kinds of "rubbish", oakleaf that I promptly printed coming home, getting some very pretty monoprints, and other odds and sodds, of which there is a lot in the country, seeing the peregrin falcons sitting in the trees, hearing the skylarks telling you that spring is just around the corner... -5 at night...hmmmmm, really ?? It is so strange coming back to Southern Spain, where we are now in full on wonderful sunladen Spring..... not a drop of rain has fallen almost the whole winter, and much as I know that that is terrible, what you can't do anything about you should enjoy! And I am, sun on my arms, replanting all the pots of the front of my house with wonderful colourful spring flowers....
Rambling, both foot wise and in my head, is wonderful......:o) You can follow Monica's (my sisters) blog and get lots of tips on walks and nature at The French Green House


  1. "Laurant L'Agneau" indeed! So funny - and really rather cute too!

    Glad you had a lovely holiday. The monoprint is nice - I like the colours and texture. Oak leaves are lovely anyway, but this gives them a "new and trendy" look!

    Have a lovely time in the sunshine. We have been having some warm weather too. The temperatures see-saw between around 3 or 4 degrees, to 16 or 17 degrees, with either lovely sunshine, or freezing cold fog. The weekend was great, but today was yukky. We're all making the most of the sunny days - lots of photos, working in the garden, getting jobs done. I tend to hibernate on the cold days though (I want to be back in Spain then!).

    Have a great week at home. I'm already planning another Print project - and about to post the little project I did when I got home from Mijas.

    Did you see the video that Nick Morley posted on his blog? You really should - I think you'll love it!

  2. Mariann - How can I be adopted by your family? LOL! 'Tis good to live vicariously. It sounds like a lovely place, and the idea of returning home to sunny Spain sounds heavenly. xox Pam

    1. i'll adopt you any time Pam, you are my blog mentor! always have such a good laugh reading your posts!hug!

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  3. Oops, I'm having "comment trouble"!

    Did you see that Pam was the winnner of my "Spanish Lemons" print, in the draw I did on Sunday?
    She's quite pleased about it too (!). So, the print is winging its way across the Atlantic, on its way to Maryland.

  4. Love making those kind of monoprints, my kind of accessible! Your holiday sounds wonderful, just like here but dry!We've had 3m of solid rain (well, almost ;)I just put my hood up!I'll come back ing the morning to watch your videos.

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