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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No way Christmas is in 2 weeks......!!

that is just not possible..... I have not even printed my cards yet!! Why?...because I am so busy with my aquatint box as to almost bring it to bed with me...hmmm... there's a visual for you! I am producing a whole bunch of new small plates and having such fun in the process, literally, that Christmas be darned... don't want to break the good work thing I have got going here....!
(am off to get my Christmas tree this morning though, I mean... really..))


  1. Åh I love the cat with the fishes, is that what you are doing with your aquatint box??Then drop x-mass. It looks wonderful.

  2. It's funny when your inspired to create something,nothing else seems to matter,food,sleep all become irrelevant,but an aquatint box in bed,Naa!!

  3. why not?? I am in love with my box, and it loves me...... at least for the moment, keen to get on to bigger plates..... Christmas in Juky??