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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Morning walks and nice surprises

I went for a walk this morning, up to the little chapel that is on the mountain side, the view from up there is something else, but today, I was looking for some inspiration for my "bosque de los angeles" (forest of angels) etching with aquatint, I have put the trees on to the plate, and am so wary of myself, knowing how I have a tendency to over work everything, I am trying to rein myself in, hard!!! So... a walk along Mijas treetops, yes, here in Mijas, we don't pay for that, we just take the bypass!!

When you live on the side of the mountain, with an incredible view of the Mediterranean, it can be difficult to tear your eyes away from that, and look at the little things right at your feet, like this very happy guy!! All blissed out on early morning light, I am sure....That was my mission this morning, that and clearing my head..... although I take photographs, they are mostly taken for the reason that seen through a viewfinder, it is like my head can also store them, in my own private version when I look "in", to be used in my work.... if that makes any sense.

I was so surprised to find these birds in my kaktusphoto, and so delighted, they really explain why I take photos, when turning the photos around, I find new angles and perspectives, and that can be very instructive and also very inspiring...... I like simple things, and nature is so full of simplicity done in the most extraordinary way.
Dry leaves, twigs, shoots and seedpods, no wonder artists are always looking to them for inspiration.

Home from a wonderful walk, I have sorted my photos and put them in an album on Facebook , so now my day in the studio starts..... :o)

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