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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exhibition of Artists Books in Torremolinos!

I am definitely going to this, have seen a sneak peak on Maria Antonia's book...and it is fabulous....
or rather a box... a libro de objeto in Spanish!

Ahhh, and a little query... what is it called in english when you print all the way to the edge??

Take care.... see you in t-molinos....:O)


  1. I Wish! Torremolinos is a bit of a bus-ride from here... and they finish the exhibition before I will be in Spain. Looks amazing... Have a great time!

    Try this:

  2. Gracias Mariann, por tu post.
    La contestación a tu pregunta es "estampar a sangre"
    Un poco cruento, pero es así.
    Un beso.
    Ah! una puntualización, nosotros llamamos impresión a lo que hacemos con la impresora del ordenador.
    Cuando lo hacemos con el tórculo decimos estampación o estampar.

  3. In English? Full bleed.

    Torremolinos is a bit too far these days...;-)

  4. Super, thank you! and I know, I get invitations to all kinds of fun stuff, and
    I'd love to go to Chile (for example) but hey,... That's life!