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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drypoint with Monotype - Printmaking in spain

On a piece of scratch free pvc I make my drawing, I then turn it over, to do the actual drypoint, and in doing so reverse the writing, and also the direction of the print, a reason why I much prefer the pvc for drypoints. I then with my tool, or my electrical engraver make the line. Once the drypoint plate is done, I put it to one side for the moment. On a new piece of pvc, I apply my watercolor, to get the watercolor to go on evenly on a piece of plastic, you need to sand down the shiny surface of the pvc, it does not need much, just a bit of tooth to take the watercolor...... (if doing abstract, in sanding only some areas, and leaving others shiny, you can get very nice effects) 
Once the watercolor is applied, I put it to the side to dry..... before printing, you want to make sure that the watercolor is dry, no wet wc spots and also that you have not got any gobs of  pure pigment watercolor as the paper tends to stick to that, and it can lift the paper surface off. Now you ink up your drypoint plate, I prefer a burnt umber, but that is personal taste, Your paper should by now be in water, and come out to be blotted off...... for best result, the paper needs to be damp, not wet, there should be no wet spots, but not to dry either or the watercolour will not print off nicely..... a bit of trial and error is necessary.If your paper sticks to the watercolor it is more than likely because it is too dry, or the watercolor is applied to thickly.... 

"Single Girl" Drypoint w Monotype

After adding considerably more line on the drypoint plate, I try a more somber colour combination, in gray, burnt umber and sienna natural, with a black inking of the drypoint.....
I teach you this kind of printmaking in my monotype printmaking courses at my studio in Spain, go to for more info or get in touch!
Have fun! :o) Mariann


  1. I LOVE this print Mariann! How fun is that?! What a cool technique. You're in a very rich vein of creativity lately!

  2. Wow! I haven't such a beautiful display of prints and water color paintings.I really like the technique behind these wonderful paintings and prints.You're really very talented and creative.Keep it up.

  3. Very insightful, I need to try this out ! Thank you for sharing !

  4. is pvc the same as plexi-glass?

  5. hi anonymous, yes, pv c is plastic, the great advantage being that you can write in your normla handwriting and turn over to make the line. :0)