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Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to advertise Printmaking in Spain

here I am, asking for a bit of help.... any ideas and suggestions on how to advertise my studio and my courses in Spain......??? Any magazine you think would be good, any online site you think would be suitable... I would be so grateful and so happy for any ideas!!

:o) Mariann


  1. Hi,
    I live in Spain, but to be honest I just moved back here three years ago to have my babies and I haven't got into all magazines and all, but as I am Spanish I write my blog both in english and spanish.
    I have quite a few spanish followers, so if you want I could write a post about it. And also FB about it.
    I could also tell people from a couple of spanish Etsy teams about it.
    I know this is not very helpful but I could get the word out if you want.
    There is also a website called Artesanio ( you could check out as it is a spanish site etsylike.

  2. Hola Mariann,
    Acabo de subir a mi blog un comentario para ti, con tus enlaces de tu web y espero que te visiten mucho.
    Ayer lo pasé genial contigo.
    Un beso.

  3. Hi Mariann, I was talking to Cath, the co-owner of the appartment I will be staying at. She said they had another enquiry from someone coming to take a printmaking course - she wondered who you are, so I have sent her your website and blog links. If she gets in touch, you could ask her whether she knows any local advertising sites/shops/newspapers/magazines?
    Good luck!

  4. Hi Mariann, Have you ever heard of the Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine? I think you could become one of their teachers for one of their art retreats and possibly have an article in their magazine. It is a popular magazine in the US. I'm sure you could also advertise in it as well. I would love to go to Spain of these years.
    Check out this link...
    Good luck, Virginia