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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A big Thanks!! advertising Printmaking in Spain

A Bird on My Shoulder
A big THANK YOU for all your helpful suggestions about advertising printmaking in Spain,
at Cascada Studio. I have already made use of some of your great online sites for listing the studio, and have started a whole thing with magazines..... could not have done it without you!
Here, on the Costa del Sol, there are lots of local magazines in all the different languages, as we are a truly global community, and that's my first stop, then spreading out to various specialized websites to have my studio listed, most of them are free, how lovely is that!
I am placing an ad in Art of England, a magazine I have always enjoyed so much and am asking my Scandinavian friends here on the coast, what magazines to approach in Sweden/Denmark and Norway.
I have also had magazines in the USA suggested and will follow up on that..... so I have had a couple of busy days online..... if you need any help with advertising, just get in touch, I am now much more clued in, and happy to share!
Am I doing anything in the studio???? Hmmmmm.... no, not much...... got the workmen back today in the house, to finally get the last bits and pieces done... how wonderful will that be, you know, all that small stuff, that means you have to move everything and clean the whole house afterwards...blahhhh..but to get it done....LOVELY!

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  1. Hello dear Mariann. I would love some good advertising advice...this winter it's my goal to get my marketing effort going! And of course to visit your studio. The birdie who has a thing for cherries arrived yesterday. I just love him and his amorous expression as he eyes the beautiful cherries. It's so cute and it reminds me of how cute you are. We've been super busy this month so far, but things will settle down by the first of October, and like you, I hope to get back into the routine in the studio. Meanwhile enjoy that beautiful seaside for all the rest of us.