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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Printmaking courses in Spain.... a lot of thank you's

Thank you so much, for your comments on my new studio, and thank you especially to Nancy at Maison Conti.... a brilliant printmaker herself, for reminding me that I got something done! How easy it is to get bogged down in what you did not get done.... and how silly, for me, being out of the studio, that is, not creating, is always more of a head game than being in the studio... my little cocoon.... all nice and safe and cosy!!
Also a thank you to Lizzie, who earlier this summer made a very good suggestion about the way I had the courses laid out on my new website , I have followed her advice, and indeed, it looks and makes so much more sense now, when you are (hopefully) sitting there with calendar in hand, planning what courses to attend! I also agree with Lizzie.... sometimes the formal setting of a course, is quite wonderful for the inspiration.... to always sit in the studio, makes for getting bit weird :0))
Most of my courses on the website are planned, so you can book 2, and get a whole week of printmaking in one technique.... or go over a mid week, to next midweek, and get first of all cheaper flights!! and second, cover maybe both etching and linocut.... and remember, if you are 4 or more coming together, then I'll do a tailor made course for you!!

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  1. :-) xx

    Sometimes it's easy to get buried by the details of a project and lose track of what you are actually accomplishing, as you go along.

    I asked my DH last night, if I could "go to Spain in January or February". He asked why, so I said "To do printmaking". He seemed quite enthusiastic and even started talking about how we might fund the air fare, find me some accommodation etc... He's so nice! So, I need to find out about accommodation and whether I can get a flight from my local airport (Luton) etc etc.... and what it will all cost.... and Well, I guess I mean I need to Get Organised and Actually Book Something (I am soooo good at procrastination - it's my favourite hobby, after bookbinding and art...)

    I'm off to read the Blurb on your website, about accommodation etc etc...