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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cascada Studio...... so close to ready it is not true!!

every day, brings me closer to being ready to start work, to start courses, to start, in short, my new life..... it is going to be wonderful, to fall back into a routine of studio work.... being your own handy man is fun, for a while, but the last lamps are really tough to put up, there is such a resistance, and such a pull from the studio, all organised and in order, and me with ahead full of new ideas..... this week, is dedicated to getting as much done as possible, last night I bought pots and plants for the front, all looking pretty and cute now!
You can smell the September freshness in the air now, the mornings are crisp and clear, and both the sky and the Mediterranean are so blue it is almost impossible..... next week comes the feria, the big village fiesta, a sure sign that autumn is around the corner, and I for one, can't wait to get that cardigan out. It has been a long hot summer, and sitting indoors has never looked so good, copper waiting, lino waiting, and I am READY!!!
I have uploaded all the new Spring 2012 courses, and please note, to get my new venture off the ground.... there is a hefty discount, so don't miss out on a great opportunity to see a very pretty little bit of Spain, and get creative at the same time. Cascada Studio is waiting for you!


  1. That is simply amazing, Mariann! Best luck on your new venture and am going to start rolling my pennies!!! xo Pam

  2. Mariann, it all looks wonderful! So exciting! I would love to come along in January/February and have a go at some lino-cuts... must see whether it can be done.
    Can both lino-cutting courses be booked together btw? (I have done lino printing, but would benefit from a "formally taught" course, I think. And I really would like to try reduction lino printing, but haven't had the courage to try it at home....).
    Off to think it all through....

  3. Now I know what you've been doing all these months! You have created yet another gorgeous space to play and create in. How wonderful it all looks!

  4. Thank you....!!! and thank you Nancy, for reminding me that I got something done.... sometimes my head is too much on what I did not get done... and that is so silly....
    And Lizzie... you can book any combination you want, if you look, and thank you by the way for your very good comment earlier on dates etc.... you see I have redone it?'ll see that most courses that "belong" together, are placed so you can book a weeks courses to do one technique....
    how ever, within every course there is always room to play with other stuff!!