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Thursday, August 11, 2011

the password dilemma and other really fun concerns!!

Is it not amazing how much time, remembering your passwords for all the darn accounts you have takes..... or do you have the same for all of them? I am trying so hard to be responsible and proactive and all that stuff that they tell you to be... so am changing my passwords quite often... but it means that it can take me up to 15 minutes sometimes to find the "right" password for that thing.....grrr....... not to mention the various e-mails for different things, ah... and then the iPad, the laptop, and your iMac.... all 3 should somehow be synced, but are they..... heck knows ;o)))

In a strange way, I don't mind, and in an equally strange way, I rage at it, having to spend so much time on all the various "sites", the bit I don't mind about is chatting to you guys, I mean.... hey... a more supportive group of people than bloggers are hard to find...... and I am not exactly dishing up any interesting stuff recently....

Anyway... could I have a bit of advice, please.... I am going to advertise in a local magazine here in Singapore, to see if I can revive my somewhat flagging giclee business, the gallery that represent me here, Red Sea Gallery, shows my original paintings, but not really my giclees, so am doing a campaign to get people to my studio here in Singapore to see and hopefully purchase.... what do you think of the ad...... too simple.... too messy..... I am quite, somewhat, arrogantly, assuming that people here in Singapore recognise both my name and my images... famous last words maybe ;o)))
A bit of input is so appreciated...... I got some wonderful feedback on my new website, which, because i did not bring the password, to Singapore, for my admin site, I can't go in and change/update/upgrade as I had planned whilst spending a couple of weeks with my lovely husband.... ahhh, and there we are, neatly back to the beginning Mariann


  1. Hi there! How great to hear a word or two from/about you. It sounds like its busy times! I think your ad is super. Who could ever resist that? Can't wait to hear more about the new place, the school. Is Nancy still with us? No doubt she didn't make the voyage to Singapore in any case.

  2. The ad looks great .I'm sure that it will attract some new business.I have the same problem with passwords I decided to use the same password for sites that don't require such a high level of security.I use an iPod app to store all my passwords,that way I have access wherever I go .

  3. Hey there, stranger! :) We have some app (can't remember the name - lol) that keeps track of all our passwords. All you have to do is remember the password to the app! Ah, life. Maybe that is the answer for you, since you travel (like Hentzant says, just keep it with you). Love the ad. Good to hear from you! xo

  4. I know..... alive and kicking.... ahhh, an app.... how appropriate, pardon the pun..... you are talking to someone who does not even have a smart phoen...duuuhhh..... and let me tell you, it is getting darn hard finding one with big buttons with numbers on ;o))

  5. Hello Mariann. I have just discovered your site and your work through Etsy. Your artwork is wonderful. I hope you don't mind me offering a suggestion about your ad. The image is fabulous and will attract attention I'm sure but the text is a little dense so my suggestion is to have "My paintings open a treasure chest of stories for you to tell your child, and for your children to tell their children.
    Affordable heirloom prints now availble.
    Contact Mariann to request a private viewing - ... (phone, email, website)" with the emphasis on the second line (ie prints now available). Also I would consider using "print" rather than "giclee" because many people don't know what that word means and others don't know how to pronounce it. Also, maybe put the dimensions in inches as well.
    All the best