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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drinks anyone?

All ready to pour the cool white wine.... a couple of nibbles and life is great...... just waiting for my removal van to come now with my studio, all my plates, my small press, and oodles of printing paper.... hilarious that, I am bringing lots of Fabriano paper back as it is less than half price is Singapore, a return trip for the Italian paper!

As soon as the studio is all set up, there will be lots of photographs for you to get excited about coming to do one of my courses...... am so looking forward to having a studio full of people, printing away, and in such surroundings.... from my window I see the church steeple and the sea, beyond the little orange tree plaza, and to the back, my lovely shady patio.... is it any wonder I feel like I am in seventh heaven?


  1. Oooh courses! Yes please Mariann!! Ooooh how lovely!
    It does look beautiful in the photo. I am glad it's all coming together so well. I would be excited too, if I had a press and lots of Studio stuff being delivered soon. I'm currently looking out for an old bookbinder's press, that I can use to make books and prints as well.
    Good luck with the delivery and I'll keep an eye open for course dates (I'm teaching a bookbinding course on Saturday - which reminds me I should stop blogging now, and get on with my preparations!).

  2. Wow, it looks so wonderful!
    Maybe I can visit one day!

  3. I just want to say thanks for your youtube videos! I'm hoping to do a linocut reduction print with my summer art students next week, and I'm planning on showing them your video as part of the process. You gave a great explanation and it will definitely help them understand the process.

  4. Yes that is wonderful i also wish to go there and see that beautiful studio.

  5. Studio or any workplace which we love is become very wonderful and amazing.

    With wishes : Nanopowders

  6. Just to say thank you for your videos and your inspirational blog.You have started me on the road to printing.

  7. I'm an MJE printing class wannabe ;-)
    Catherine L Mommsen
    Washington DC USA