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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Partridge on a Pear for Christmas

Partridge on a Pear
Originally uploaded by Mariann Johansen Ellis

AAAAALREADY!!!!!!, I can hear you sigh / scream/ laugh at/ groan/ despair/ rejoice/ ignore (please delete not appropriate!)

uuuuuuuuh yes my friends...... it is coming up to Christmas and those wonderful moments of peace and quiet (yeah right) when you write to all your loved ones in the spirit of the holidays, or just plain in the spirits!!! It certainly helps with a tot or two of the famous swedish glogg to get the writing muscles out of their cramp.......
you could of course buy a crappy card at the nearest supermarket, or
alternatively you could send your loved ones a handprinted, beautifully
decorated Christmas Card that REALLY (it does ;o) shows them how much you care........ or not (hey, inheritance protection
is built in to these cards ;o) as the case might be, whatever your motives, or intentions,there is a card for you in my collection for 2010........ here is the link for the Flickr show:

Just get in touch, and I'll mail you the pricelist from

Take care, keep the light shining!


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