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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little little spot of turn of season shopping.....

you in the mood for a bit of shopping??? Zibagz helps you find a lot of nice things in her blog..... take a look! I am in the mood for shopping...... winter shoes, overcoats and jumpers galore in the shops here in Spain...... I love the winter look, it's beautiful with the cooler mornings, putting on a sweater to sit outside and have coffee (that goes cold in 3 seconds:o) as always, shoes are a big problem, being a bit of a bigfoot.... there is always such a limited amount to choose from.... I have long ago stopped looking at prices on shoes.... who cares.... they fit me!!!!!
Take care! Mariann


  1. Mariann! You are so funny. I hope you find lots of shoes. I think I have given up and just wear sneakers. ;) I have two other pairs of 'dress up' shoes and that is IT. Happy fall! xox Pam

  2. LOL! I'm a bigfoot too!
    But I read that Jackie O. Oprah, Uma Thurman all have/had HUGE feet. So for some silly reason, that makes me feel better!
    I buy most of my shoes online.
    (But most of the time I'm wearing Crocs or flip flops!)

  3. LOL..Im ith Pam..I wear skater sneakers lol..own 4 pairs of heels black and brown...LOL

    Have a great week!!!

  4. My BF is a shoe whore and he buys me shoes all the time. I tell him, no more shoes, I have enough, and then he finds another bargain. His feet are smaller than mine! Mine are average but his are tiny.

  5. Lol! njoy the shopping. great blog header