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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Work clothes bonanza

spoke to my mum, and boy was she upset.... guess what my brother has gone and done now? well... he has bought a pair of those pre cut, or torn or whatever you want to call it, "ruined" as my dear mother put it, pair of jeans.
Yes, you did not realize what a crime this is, but.... according to my mother, and god forbid I would poke fun at her...... it is not only the cause of the current economic down turn but also the low minimum wage around the world, that people like my brother, buy these kind of fashion items :o))))

I LOVE a good old irrational rant, to me, they are so funny, and sometimes very very revealing, how does that quote do, "people don't change, they merely reveal themselves", how true is that... anyway... now.... this... got me thinking... I have tons of old workclothes, jeans, shirts, t-shirts etc.... am I on to something here, do I smell an etsy shop in the making????? Surely, someone out there would pay lots for my paint and ink stained old jeans, torn, on the corner of the pocket (from mobile phone) and really really worn down to a soft velvety texture..... I love them, but hey, everything has a price, as my brother already proved..... I could sell other artists clothing, who would not want to wear a pair of Frank Stella jeans... I ask you..... hmmm... or is there simply to much time to think in this house?

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