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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Running around....

trying to prepare for going to Spain, very excited and can't wait... a bit of Spanish summer.....
lovely, and of course, a new direction in life.... starting on the long way home, finding a studio, getting all my stuff together.... so instead of what usually happens when I go to Spain, that is nothing, on the blogfront...I am going to keep a blog diary of what is going on.... so eventually I'll have a record of my search for a studio.... am collecting ideas, and mood boards and all kinds of weird notions in a notebook, to not forget all the "good" (one hopes) ideas I have for how it should look.... imagine that... a clean slate to work with.... wow, like a huge new white canvas....
anyway.... no time to write, have oodles of photos to prepare for etsy before I go.... :o)))) holiday??nooooooooo, not from listing!!


  1. well, i've been meaning to write that letter...
    but now where would i send it?

  2. Have a great time! I always liked Teesha Moore's quote in talking about art journaling, "Be confident in your weird notions." Hope you will be confident too. Enjoy the journey!

  3. Cindy..... a letter always find me! Albert sends his best, and Jan, I am plenty weird, just ask my husband who keeps a notebook where he writes down all the weird things I do! :o))